KNUST: Meet Gyakie, The Asa Inspired Artiste

Music, a beautiful combination of various instruments, beats and melodious voices that ensures the movement of the body to a nice rhythm and provides a pleasing effect in the ears.

Recently we had an interview with a pretty lady with a beautiful voice, who just got on the music scene with her debut single; ‘Love is Pretty’, which has been played over 7000 times within the weeks on sound cloud and she happens to be a student here on campus.

Meet Jackline Acheampong better known in music circles as Gyakie.


KuulpeepsKNUST: Can you please tell us about yourself briefly

Gyakie: I’m Jackline Acheampong but from Abuakwa in the Ashanti Region, completed T.I. Amass in Kumasi and currently reading Business Administration at KNUST. My mother is Maria Acheampong and my father is Ernest Acheampong. I have a brother and two sisters; Justin, Jesila and Jacinta.


KuulpeepsKNUST: Wow, cool. Got any likes and dislikes?

Gyakie: Yeah, I do. I like or should I say I really love music and food *laughs* and I dislike negativity, anything that’s not positive I hate.

KuulpeepsKNUST: Now, let’s talk about SHS life, any memorable moments?

Gyakie: For memorable moments, they were a lot since I was the entertainment prefect. *laughs*

KuulpeepsKNUST: You are not easy at all

Gyakie: Oh yeah *laughs*

KuulpeepsKNUST: We know you are into music. Can you delve into that a little, we want the whole scoop.

Gyakie: The whole scoop?? Then we won’t leave here *laughs*, but you know it’s a gift from God and so if you swerve it no matter what you’d end up in it. I discovered my ability to sing at a tender age of six years but I got doubts in between when I was growing up. Long story short it was when I got to the university that I decided to get extra serious with my music, to write and record now here I am.

KuulpeepsKNUST: Your debut single just came out, how are reactions to it going?

Gyakie: Yeah it’s titled “love is pretty” and it’s getting a wonderful response. The love is too much

KuulpeepsKNUST: Impressive, I guess a special someone inspired this song.

Gyakie: Oh Nah….it wasn’t really an inspiration it’s kinda funny tho, I woke up one morning, had the tune ringing in my head many times so I just took a pen and a book and from my imagination the lyrics just kept flowing. I actually wrote the song in the kitchen…

KuulpeepsKNUST: Wow, then it was food. We never asked about your favourite food.

Gyakie:  I just love fufu with Chicken soup, a true Ashanti delicacy.

KuulpeepsKNUST: You can say that again.  Now back to music, what genre are you into and we would like to know if you have encountered any weaknesses or found any strengths.

Gyakie: Well, currently I’m an all-around artist, I’m sure the more music I do, I would be able to choose what I’m comfortable with. For strengths and weakness, I can’t say much reason being that I just started my music career but I would say what I’m happy about is the fact that I can get to share what I have with the world.

KuulpeepsKNUST: Amazing. Can you tell us who inspired you to get into the music industry?

Gyakie: They are two actually Asa and Efya whom I loved listening to when I was growing up.

KuulpeepsKNUST: Basically you were inspired by goddesses in the music industry. Incredible.

Gyakie: That’s right.

KuulpeepsKNUST: So have you had any live performances yet? And if yes, please tell us about the experience.

Gyakie: I first performed live and on stage, in primary four at a friend’s party, then in Secondary school and recently in university at a jazz festival. My first experience was frightening to the extent that I forgot the lyrics to the song *laughs*, but I have kinda got the hang of it but it’s sometimes frightening tho.

KuulpeepsKNUST: Rightt?? I can only imagine. So how do you balance school, family and music?

Gyakie: My family supports my music 100% and I don’t joke with my books so I’m cool.

KuulpeepsKNUST: That’s how it’s supposed to be. Impressive

Gyakie: Yes please, no complications or anything.

KuulpeepsKNUST: So now we want to know your Top 5 best Ghanaian artistes.

Gyakie: So it will be from ascending order; Stonebwoy, Darko Vibes, Akwaboah, Efya and finally…..R2Bees.

KuulpeepsKNUST: You got the whole squad

Gyakie: You know

KuulpeepsKNUST: We are very grateful Gyakie for this opportunity Any message to your fans and loved ones and where can we get a piece of your melodious ensemble?

Gyakie: First of all I really thank God for this gift! And thanks to my family, friends and my team, thanks for all the support, love, sacrifices, opportunities given me throughout this journey. To those, I know and don’t know, who support me and my music, I won’t let you down and I will make you proud. My music is available on all major music platforms. And also thank you for the interview.

KuulpeepsKNUST: Welcome Gyakie.


Link to her debut single, ‘Love Is Pretty’


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