UG: Attention!!! Increasing Threat On The Safety Of Students On Campus.

The series of theft and abuse cases on campus is alarming these days.

It is as though there is no security on campus. These thieves do not only come to steal but also make sure to sexually abuse their victims, which of course are females.

Quite recently, thieves found their way into Mensah Sarbah Main Hall, Block E, which is solely for female residents. There have been several complaints and issues of them not only stealing valuables from the rooms but also forcing the ladies for sexual pleasures.

An example is an incident that occurrd in Legon hall, where the thief asked the victims to give him a ‘blow job’ after stealing from them.

These thieves come in with weapons such as knives and daggers to instil fear into their victims and to coerce them into satisfying their sexual pleasures.

Sources say that once they try to open the doors and they are closed, they end up knocking the doors.

In Mensah Sarbah Main Hall, there is a short wall behind the boys’ block which is believed to be their entry and exit point.

We have heard several reports from most of the main campus halls and along the Bush canteen road.

For confidential reasons, we cannot disclose the names and precise incidents that occurred.

As a result of these occurrences, the Mensah Sarbah Main Hall authorities are organizing a meeting with their female residents to help them keep safe and defend themselves on Wednesday 6pm.

However, we would advise our dear females to make sure that they lock their doors at every point in time.

Also, they should ignore any kind of knocking at odd hours if all their roommates are present.

They should inquire about the person before opening their doors.

Staying out late should also be limited. Not only do you put yourself at risk but your roommates as well, since they would have to wait for you to close the door.

We call on the school security to ensure maximum security, especially at dawn to protect the students and also help us catch and apprehend these thieves.

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