Is The Ghana Police Service Dealing With Police Brutality Cases Well Enough?

Ghana Police

There were reports yesterday that Lance Corporal Fredrick Amanor, the police officer who assaulted a woman at the Shiahsie branch of MidLands Savings and Loans, has returned to his post.

Before returning to work, Fredrick Amanor was discharged by the Accra Circuit Court in January 2019 due to a lack of interest in the trail by the victim, Patience Osafo.

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The reinstatement of Fredrick Amanor to his post raises questions about the Ghana Police Service’s ability to duly deal with cases which involve its staff. Many complaints are that there have been a lot of cases of police brutality which have not been rightly dealt with by the police authorities.

The issue of injustice, however, comes up when police officers who commit these criminal acts are allowed to go free without any form of punishment, but civilians are punished when they commit similar acts against the police.

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Over the weekend, there was a video making rounds on social media of a driver and his mate assaulting a police officer. Reports, however, suggests that the driver and his mate have been apprehended and arraigned.

The way and manner with which the police service is addressing this particular case involving the driver and the policeman and making sure that the culprits are duly punished for their alleged criminal act is not the same way the police service treat police brutality cases.

Last week, there were reports that three journalists from the Ghanaian Times were assaulted by ten police officers in Accra. No punishment has been meted out to the police officers who committed this act.

There are other similar cases of police brutality which have been clearly overlooked by the authorities of the Ghana Police Service.

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According to My Joy Online, no single security person has been prosecuted for the attacks on more than 25 journalists and media employees since 2006. Although the perpetrators in some of the cases are identified, the cases are settled sometimes with apologies.

It is the duty of the police to protect us and make sure that we are safe, but judging by the recent actions of the police, it will be difficult for the citizens to entrust their safety in the hands of the police.

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