Meet Prince Gyasi, A Ghanaian Photographer Who Uses An iPhone To Capture Colourful Images Of Accra

Prince Gyasi

Prince Gyasi, a Ghanaian visual artist who does photography by the use of an iPhone was featured on BBC. Prince is also a musician and co-founder of BoxedKids, a non-profit community raising money to help kids in Jamestown get a quality education.

Besides the BBC, Prince Gyasi has also been featured on Apple, Okay Africa, Afro-Punk, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Ignant and Nowness.

What makes his work unique.

“What makes my work unique is my colour play and also the concept, the storytelling and it being a visual artist from Ghana telling the story that’s based in Ghana or Africa.”

His inspiration.

“Growing up I saw these kids in Jamestown for whom my mom would host a funfair to help raise funds for their education, food and clothes.

I always saw these kids and thought about how I could tell their story to the world and how I could help.

And the only answer for me was the arts.

Accra inspires me a lot. Every day I wake up, I see something new, the sound, the loud noise from the streets, the cars, the colours.”

Why he does photography.

“I shoot because I want the imagery and the art pieces to serve as therapy to human emotions; this is also why I play with colour a lot.”

The difficulties he faces.

“If you are from Ghana, being a creative is hard. Because people usually only pay attention to commercial photographers. These are the ones who shoot weddings, funerals, outdoorings and other events. Those are the people who earn respect because they are shooting something that people understand.”

His main goal.

“My main goal is to be one of the greatest artists, not only from Ghana but from Africa to be recognised in the world.”

Below are some photographs that were taken by Prince Gyasi:

Want to see more of these beautiful photos? Click here to see more on his Instagram.

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