Girls Have A 101 Problems And Strict Parents Check All The Boxes! Here Are Struggles Girls With Strict Parents Can Totally Relate To!

Let’s just come outright and say it; growing up with strict parents is streeessful!!

Ebei. You’re literally bound by a rulebook and accustomed to staying in your comfort zone. It seems that your parents want you to be a die-hard perfectionist and your lifestyle is always under scrutiny by your parents and it’s really hard! Yes, we can relate.

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We understand that our parents are trying their best to help make us responsible adults but sometimes, the rules are a little too much. If you have strict parents, you can definitely relate to these points.

1. What is a sleepover?

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Your parents won’t even let you go visiting other family members let alone sleep in their houses but you think they’ll allow you to sleep over at a friends place? Hah! Are you okay?

2.  Partying

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First of all, why are you partying? Don’t you have exams to study for? Why are they paying fees if you don’t learn? Ok… you want to release stress? You can go but at 8 pm you need to be back home. If the party is starting at 8 pm then sorry, you aren’t going anywhere because every self-respecting girl is at home in the night minding her business and serving her parents.

3.   Hiding new clothes you bought yourself

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Ei!! You are digging your own grave. If you want it, describe the clothes to your parents and they’ll find it and buy for you. How dare you buy your own clothes?!

4. Boyfriieeenndd?

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Oh, you’re setting yourself up, Charley! If you have a boyfriend you better keep it to yourself otherwise your parents automatically assume that they’re the reason why you don’t get A’s or “have come on top”. You can introduce your boyfriend only when you’re about 35 years.

5. Last minute Get-Togethers do not apply to you

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You need to submit your outing application to your parents at least 2 weeks before the outing so they can deliberate on the pros and cons of you going out that particular day and at that time. If it’s last minute, forget. You have movies on your laptop. Watch them.

6.   You get into trouble if your phone ever dies

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To your parents, you let your phone die on purpose so that you would have an excuse not to tell them exactly where you are every hour on the hour and return their five billion texts.

7. Your parents insist on driving you everywhere.

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If you’re a dbee this definitely applies to you. Your friends think they’re super nice for driving you to the movies all the time, but you know it’s just so they can constantly keep tabs on you.

These are the life struggles a lot of girls with strict parents will understand. Because you are a girl, you were considered vulnerable (your brothers definitely didn’t go through this). We get it that our parents are worried about us but charley, all of these just make us craftier and more cunning.

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