UG: Eager To Find Out The Restricted Areas For Ads And Campaigns On Campus? Here You Go!

UG Balme Library Legon
Have you heard of the two SRC aspirants who have been fined for posting their flyers at unapproved places??
According to the University Constitution, Section 42( Clause I) of the Basic Laws, which states that:
“Without prejudice to the application of the national lawa by the University, no member of the University shall:
(p) deface the trees on campus with advertising or other material or notices howsoever described. “
This means that, per the University constitution, members of the University, both senior ( lecturers and other staff) or junior ( students) are not supposed to paste advertisements or notices on the trees on campus.
Aside from trees, the University has banned other places like:
Lecture Halls (i.e. inside the hall)
• Floors of buildings
• Pavements and Roads
• Lamp Posts
• Directional Signboards and other signage
• Waste Bins
• Staff/Faculty Residential Areas
•Academic Areas (Faculty and Department buildings)
• Main University Entrance
• Main University Avenue (including Mekki Abbas Circle)
Now you know, so becareful not to paste your business ads or campaign flyers before you are fined to pay 1000 Ghana Cedis.
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