UEW: The Demonstration Just Took A Different Turn With The Alleged Death Of One Student

It’s DEMO szn in UEW and it’s beginning to get ugly.

For real peeps, when this whole saga started, we were calm thinking it will die out soon but no Charley!

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Students gathered at the North campus Quadrangle for a bonfire last night but it didn’t end there.

A troop of police officers and soldiers were called in for reinforcement, this angered students.

We won’t say it’s a “fight” but Students are being beaten up and it’s alleged that gunshots are been fired and teargases are been released.

One female lecturer who’s said to be pregnant, as well as students, are reported to have collapsed as a result of shock from the sound of the gunshot.

South Campus and Central campus remain calm as at now and we pray we don’t lose any life as it has been already alleged that one student is dead.

Stay safe peeps, we need y’all alive!

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