UEW: 5 Ways To Stay Safe During A Demonstration or Clash


Even though our school has been closed down, things are still getting violent and we’d need y’all to stay safe!

Here are 5 tips

Avoid wearing any affiliation colours

When people are protesting, colours do matter. If you’re moving from your hostel or house, wear any neutral colour. No REDS, NO BLACKS.

Don’t RECORD, MOVE away immediately

In this social media- driven world, everyone likes to show off videos on their status and timelines. Your life is worth more than some minute of glory on social media.  Move away.

Slow is smooth and smooth is fast

Running is not advised during clashes. You’re likely to fall down and get stampeded on. Double your steps but don’t run!

Get a wet towel or handkerchief

To get the situation under control, the security service might result in firing tear gas or bullets. You can either stay away or get a wet cotton cloth and wipe your face with it if you’re a victim.

Don’t go near the scene

To be safe, stay in your room. You’ll get updates by the media. People get hit with stray bullets often.

Y’all stay safe fam!

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