CUCG: Here Are 5 Things To Look Out For When Buying A Smartphone

Smartphones have become part of our lives (even our body), it is more a need than just a luxury.

As students, we use our smartphones to do numerous things from online research to typing assignment.

Here are 5 relevant specs (no particular order) you need to look out for when buying the right smartphone:

  1. The operating system

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iOS or Android? For those already using iPad or MacBook, iOS which means the iPhone will be their major choice. iPhones are quite expensive (that is why it comes with some prestige) but when it comes to design, they almost look alike so you will not get a wide range of choice. On the other hand, Android phones have varieties of design. iPhone is easy to use but Android phones offer more choices.


  1. The memory

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For the RAM, when it is higher you can run more apps at the same time on your smartphone because it is critical for multitasking. The average size is 2GB but in case you want to run many apps and avoid bugs, aim at 4GB RAM. The ROM is usually called the storage. That is where music, photos, videos, the apps, the documents and other files are saved. Because apps are heavy nowadays and apps installed on SD card some times do not respond well, it is advisable to have at least 16-32 GB ROM or higher. One essential thing to check is the size of the pre-installed apps.  You can equally use the online drive such as Google drive (free 15GB) or iCloud drive (free 5GB).


  1. The camera

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The camera has become the first thing most people look at now when buying a smartphone. Contrary to the received ideas, good pics are not only about megapixels because some brands increase the pixels just to attract people but the image quality is questionable. You need to look at the ISO levels, low light performance, aperture (better when lower), the speed of autofocus, lenses, optical image stabilization…


  1. The processor

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If you are looking for a speed processor kindly check the processing speed expressed in terms of Gigahertz (GHz). A speed processor will help you open apps faster, edit photo or video quickly, play online games smoothly, stream videos or movies and save battery life.


  1. The battery

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You first need to know the type of user you are, if you use your phone every second or you are not likely to touch your phone till the next 2 hours. The standard is 3000 mAh. It must be noted that a higher number of mAh does necessarily mean more battery life. Battery usage is most time dictated by usage habits.


We left some features such as design, colour, screen size, display… out because we consider them to be subjective features, some will like a phone with a small screen so they can hold it in their hand while some will go for a bigger screen. We hope from now no overthinking when choosing a smartphone.


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