Is UEW Really On Fire? Or Is Everyone Just Blowing Things Out Of Proportion

Catchy caption huh? Well, it had to be that or one boring title.

Yesterday most students in UEW got calls from their loved ones to stay safe because they had heard our school was on fire…well, not in literal terms but they had heard from the various media sources that there was an ongoing demonstration and the students were in rampage and the dragon was breathing fire and it was natural for them to care.

For most of the students, everything was normal..well, almost normal.

Except for the blocks in the road and rubbish poured from the dustbins onto the road, everything was going on as planned..the boring lectures, the hunger because we were broke…EVERYTHING WAS NORMAL.

Students were going about their duties.

The demonstrators who are from a department were gathered in front of the administration.

At one point, they were sharing a laugh with the police who were patrolling the area.

They were even happy when the police made these security men who think they’re glorified policemen look like trash and little boys.

Those security men can be mean!!!

We will bring you updates but can someone tell our mummies, daddies and ”hanties” that we’re fine.

We’re not like….it’s okay let us end there.

Things are being blown out of proportion by the outside media!

Don’t believe everything you hear unless there are visuals to prove.

Our school isn’t on fire! All is well!

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