Don’t Let It Get Messy! Here Are 5 Tips For Caring For Your Faux Locs!

When your hair is in a protective covering, it doesn’t mean you’re on a break from taking care of your own natural hair. Yup! We knooooww!… protective covering is supposed to be like a break from the stressful hair care you go through almost every day but this sort of hair care isn’t as stressful, we promise.

If you put your hair in faux locs, we have a couple of tips for you on how to maintain the locs and actual hair.

1. Washing the locs

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You should not plan to wash your synthetic dreadlocks anymore more often than 1-2x a week. Washing any more often will pull out frizz and make the braids/woven hair that holds the dreadlocks in messy-looking. Less frequent washing will keep them looking tidier longer!

2. Time

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We don’t recommend leaving your synthetic dreadlocks in any longer than 3 months at a time.

You should consider doing a nice, deep cleanse like an oil removal deep cleanse. You should especially plan to do this if you are not using a residue-free shampoo while wearing your synthetic dreadlocks. The shampoo too should be diluted before used.

3. Wrapping Up

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Wrapping up your locs at night is one of the most important habits you can start to prevent moisture-resistant fabrics like cotton from causing dryness and frizz. If you haven’t already, invest in a satin bonnet that’s large enough to secure all of your hair without falling off.

4. Moisturize

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Be it for your skin or hair, moisturizing is the key to happiness! Mist your hair with water to refresh it. If you are willing to do more, spray a mild moisturizer twice a week, and that would definitely keep them looking fresh and hydrated.

5. General Care

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If you notice frizz/budding, trim with a scissor. Oil the locs for shine once a fortnight; you can seal up loose ends by running over with a lighter flame. Wanna go swimming? How about you put your locs up in a high bun or topknot else you might grow grey hairs drying them.

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