Students Of GSTS Have Built Robots That Can Evacuate Earthquake Victims In The Shortest Possible Time

Students of Ghana Secondary Technical School (G.S.T.S) in Takoradi in the Western Region of Ghana have built an Emergency Robot which gives signals to help evacuate victims trapped under earthquake rubble in the shortest possible time.

The students also built a robotic vehicle which has the ability to move on its own and detect road signs.

Developing and improving on these inventions of these students would go a long way to help this country salvage some serious happenings.

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For instance, the Emergency Robot which helps evacuate victims trapped under earthquake rubble in the shortest possible time could be very useful for us as a country taking into consideration the recent earth tremors that some parts of the country have been experiencing.

If the government helps these students to improve upon their invention, it would be key in helping evacuate people in case we experience an earthquake.

With the inability to forecast an earthquake, what we do immediately after an earthquake occurs can help save millions of lives that can be lost.

Moreover, the Robotic Vehicle, when improved upon, can be used by delivery companies who can deliver packages without requiring humans.

We hope the government takes what these students are doing seriously and help them develop on their inventions.

By the way, big ups to the students who built these robots. Keep doing more!

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