MUCG: All The Good And Bad Tidbits On Makeup.

Females are known to be the ones who use make up the most although some males also use make-up.

Make-up can either enhance your beauty or make you look hideous depending on how it is applied.

Using make-up can boost your confidence depending on how you apply it.

Having makeup applied beautifully can make you walk boldly and with your head held high because you feel more beautiful and perfect.


Also, makeup can make you creative; when applying make-up, you start putting colours together hoping to get a nice outcome. It the process you might come up with a new colour or even a new look that people will want to recreate.

Moreover, when one uses make-up, she’s considered to have low self-esteem. This is because the person will be seen as someone who doesn’t love her natural self. Others will also think you’retrying to be like someone else or you want to fit in a certain group when you use makeup.

Finally, when you use makeup excessively over a long time it can really damage your skin especially when you use cheap makeup of low quality. You can get dark patches on your face that will make you look like an artwork that got ruined.

With or without makeup you can be beautiful but when you decide to use makeup please use good and quality make-up.

If you know within yourself that you can’t apply make-up, then don’t, if you still want to then go to a professional. Don’t intentionally make yourself look scary!

We hope this helps!

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