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UG: Bet You Didn’t Think Cookie Is A Shy Person. Find Out More About Her Here.

Kuulpeeps! Like we promised, this month we’ve decided to celebrate our ladies on campus who are doing amazing. We hope you enjoyed our first feature.

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Today, we bring you another exciting and thrilling interview with Anne- chantel popularly known as Cookie.
Stay glued to your screen as we delve into the life of Anne- Chantel.
KuulpeepsLegon: first of, we’d like to know your full name?
Anne:   Anne- Chantel Akua Sika Kusi Gyamfi.
Kuulpeepslegon: But some people know you as Anne- Marie
Anne: It’s Anne- Chantel. Never Marie
Kuulpeepslegon: Oh okay, what course do you study?
Anne: Political Science but I minor in Chinese.
Kuulpeepslegon: What level are you?
Anne: Level 300
Kuulpeepslegon: So Anne-Chantel, how did you get here? How did you find yourself in the space you’re in now?
Anne: Lol honestly it just happened. I had a photoshoot with @phlashpixels and it went viral and boom! Other photographers started working with me then started getting noticed. When I realised people were interested in knowing my life, I started going live on Instagram to interact with my viewers, then malaika came in and now my YouTube channel.
Kuulpeepslegon: Your YouTube channel… What motivated you to start the channel?
Anne:  My Instagram followers motivated me to. I mostly interact with them live stream and they suggested it so I decided to try it out. Lol… You can also subscribe at Anne Chantelle
Kuulpeepslegon: what one thing has Malaika taught you?.
Anne: Malaika has made me realise that in life you’re actually more than what you actually see. You just have to believe in yourself and step out of your comfort zone. Go the extra mile and you’ll be amazed at the things you can do.
 Kuulpeepslegon: That’s great! What has been your greatest inspiration in life?
Anne: Young powerful hard working women are my greatest inspiration.
Kuulpeepslegon: Do you see yourself as one?
Anne: I’m one in the making. Lol….I’m not fully there yet.
Kuulpeepslegon: Where do you see yourself in the near future?
Anne:  A few of my future goals include running an NGO and hosting TV shows and big platforms…  Being very influential and wealthy from my own hard work, so I see myself attaining every single one of them and even more.
Kuulpeepslegon: You love money eh??….lmao
Anne: Very much!
Kuulpeepslegon: 5 things people don’t know about Anne- Chantel.
Anne: Lol…people don’t know I’m a southpaw. They don’t know I’m scared of growing old. They don’t know my fear of crossing roads. People don’t know I’m a shy person lol they mistaken it for being ” too known”. And people don’t know I hate maths.
Kuulpeepslegon: Money or love?.
Anne: Money
Kuulpeepslegon: Thought as much. You don’t believe in love?
Anne: I doo.. This was a very tough decision.
Kuulpeepslegon: Do you like him tall or short?
Anne: Tall
Kuulpeepslegon: Your favourite Bible quotation?
Anne: Psalm 91. It’s my favourite because anytime I’m scared or in doubt, I read it.
Kuulpeepslegon: Anne, do you love what you do? And why?
Anne: I love what I do because it’s real. I don’t have to put up a fake personality. There’s nothing more beautiful than being me.
Kuulpeepslegon: All too soon we are coming to the end of our conversation. But before we go….a word of encouragement for all the ladies out there who want to be more than they are now or are aspiring to be in the space you find yourself.
Anne: Believe in yourself.. You have potential beyond your expectations. So step out of your comfort zone and unleash that side of you. Never wish to be anybody but rather make yourself one that others will aspire to be. Never underestimate yourself and most importantly love yourself.
Kuulpeepslegon: Thank you very much Anne- Chantel. We thank you for spending time with us. We wish you success in all your endeavours.
Peeps! We hope you had a great time.  Watch out for our next feature. Don’t forget to follow Anne Chantel on social media and subscribe to her YouTube channel @Anne Chantel.
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