UCC: Good News!!!!! The Free Shuttle Service Is Here To Stay.


There has been a lot of rumours concerning the free shuttle on UCC campus. The metro mass services have been rejected by the school. Check it out here.

About 2 weeks ago, when all hope was lost on the shuttle issue, there was a breakthrough. Six(6) Shuttles arrived on campus and students were glad they no longer had to pay for the shuttle fares.

On Sunday, 10th March, the SRC President, Sir John, addressed the student body extending greeting from the SRC council that the shuttle was here to stay and the SRC plan on extending the wings of the service to Ayensu and Amamoma.

The service is rendered by JM Boafo. Their service is more affordable than that of the metro mass.

Shuttles will be moving from Old site-Science-Src, Valco-Science-Old site, Src-Science-Ayensu and Amamoma-Science-Src.

Students are entreated to sleep well, study well and enjoy the free shuttle service because the SRC have our backs.

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