GIJ: Heard Of Gari Vibes On Campus? Well Meet Edem Nyonator, The Brain Behind The Popular Gari Vibes Brand


We are sure you have seen a stand on campus branded “Gari Vibes” where students queue to get a cup of Gari soakings.

Have you ever wondered who the brain behind that brand is?

Well, meet Edem Nyonator a level 300 journalism student & the C.E.O of Remdy Foods.

KuulpeepsGIJ had a chat with this young entrepreneur to know more about him.

Below is our little conversation with him.

1. Tell us how Gari Vibes started

It all started at my hostel. About a week to end the semester, I was thinking about what I can do to bring back some memories from the past. So upon a few thoughts, Gari soakings came to mind.

So I told my friends about the whole idea and they didn’t find it that bad at all.

So I had to put my resources together toward it. And so on the 20th of December, 2017, with the help of my friends, we did our first selling on campus. The very day we finished our later end of semester exams.

2. What has been your greatest strength in relation to your business?

Well, my greatest strength has to do with a number of things.

1. God: I believe that, without God, I cannot do anything. And he’s said himself that, we can rest and refuge in him.

2. Everyday life experiences: I learn from some of the bad experiences I’ve had in the past. There have been times that things get really hard, but in the midst of it all, God has been my rock.

I know I’ve not arrived fully in life with regards to what I’ve started, but I’m grateful to God for everything I have become today and know God will see me through.

3. How has your journey been so far? The turmoils you’ve been through.

Well, I’ll say that it’s been amazing. Both the good and bad times have all contributed greatly to my make up today.

Sometimes, you need to go through the pain. It will give the opportunity to also encourage others when they’re also down in life.

I’ve been rejected and mocked at before in life. And for me, life’s incomplete without them.

4. In relation to your one year and your celebration, how will you explain your success?

I call it. “Thank you, Lord Jesus for your presence throughout the journey.

However, I’ll rate it 3/10😊

There’s more coming.

5. Your new initiative Gv Ice Cream tell us more about it and how different it will be from the Gari.

It’s not too different from the Gari. The truth is you’ll not believe me when I tell you the Ice Cream was made with Gari.😊

6. What character trait have you developed since becoming an entrepreneur?

1. You need to be disciplined. And when I talk about discipline, it covers a lot of things.

Discipline in areas of finances as well as attitude. Because it’s very hard to take certain decisions when you know very well that, it’s going to put you on a disadvantaged position.

Another character has to do with sacrifices. There are times you’ll have to eat what you don’t feel for at a particular time because circumstances have made it so.

I remember there were times I had to eat kenkey Gh¢ 1 with fish Gh¢ 2 because, at that moment, that’s what my pocket could finance.

Sacrifice also in the area of time. There were times I had to forgo my lectures for KNUST and UCC to sell my Gari.

Also, I’ve learnt to Multi-task. Meaning I had to do multiple things at the same time.

Another character trait is the ability to keep your composure no matter what people say or do.

As well as staying optimistic and being a risk taker.

7. How many people do you have working for you? How supportive are they?

With this very question, the best way to tackle it to say that, due to the nature of the business where we work/sell when there’s an event, I call the workers contract and conditional workers.

However, over the 1 year period, my friends have been very supportive whenever they could.

Sincerely, I’m grateful to them and I want to use this opportunity to say thanks to them and additionally ask God to continue blessing them.

8. In the Business world, who do you look up to?

Wow… This one dierr😊😆… Well I look up to Madam Caroline Esinam Adzogble (Entrepreneur and Philanthropist), Daniel McKorley (CEO of McDan Group), Sewor Balasu (Entrepreneur) Jack Ma (Entrepreneur)

9. What do think has made people like your product and stick to your brand?

Let me say this. The are various reasons why people visit various eateries or prefer certain services to others.

Now you’ll agree with me that, the reason why you, myself or any other person will go to KFC or Papaye or Frankie’s etc to buy rice or chicken is not they sell the best of meals than what our parents prepare at home.

But because of the efforts, those institutions have put into getting that rice or chicken available to you, which to an extent you may not have the opportunity to do at home. Also, it’s could be the environment.

And so with Gari Vibes, I’m sure it’s about nature and taste our customers get when they purchase the meal.

Also, it could be the idea behind the whole Gari Vibes.

I know almost everyone can prepare Gari at home. But I try to give people more than what we used to eat back in high school.

And also to clear the mentality that, Gari is food made for the poor.

10. At what events have you served?

Tidal Rave 18


Abofest 18

GIJ SRC Week 18

GIJSRC Akwaaba Week 18

UCC SRC Week 18

Jean Nelson, Hall Week (FIFA & BBQ) 18

Vac with DJ Vyrusky

Dalex Swift Hoops 18


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