MUCG: Tips And Thrills On How To Give Good Hugs

Wondering how you can give a better hug?

The first step of giving a good hug is knowing when to hug. Hugs are not always appropriate but when someone really needs a hug, you can make their day by stepping in to embrace them.

To give a good hug, you will need to create a warm and welcoming space for your hugging partner. Make them feel comfortable, loved, and supported.

Here are some tips to enable you to do that with confidence.

1. Know when to hug.

Understand why you are hugging this person: perhaps you are greeting a dear friend; perhaps you are comforting someone who’s crying; perhaps you are trying to share your feelings for a crush or a partner. No matter the context, a good hug should feel natural.

2. Be welcoming

Create a safe and gentle space. Open your arms wide, and try to keep a warm smile on your face. Use your body language and your facial expression to invite the person into your arms. Make this person feel like he or she is the only person who matters right now.

3. Open your arms to signal that you want to hug.

Your body language should funnel the person into your embrace. A step toward him or her to make the invitation more clear. Look your hugging partner in the eyes, and watch her face to make sure that she is open to being hugged.

If the person steps forward to meet your embrace, then he or she has accepted the hug. It’s time to enter hug mode.

You can try hugging someone today. It could even make their day enjoyable.


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