HTU: 11 Ideal Ways To Treat Your Partner

A lot of us have seen our parents split up because of numerous reasons such as cheating, neglect, or a lack of a relationship to begin with. This is due to the absence of a positive role model to tell them how to treat each other.

The following are the best way to treat your partner

1. You need to build up his/her trust.
If you have no trust, then you have nothing. You have to be patient because building trust takes time.

2. Be that one partner that is different from all the rest and treats them with respect.

3. Be romantic. Learn their love language, and then use it every day

4. Spend time listening to them. Truly listening is an important skill that will allow you to respect and understand them better. Find out what they think and how they feel.

5. Accept them the way they are. Don’t gripe about their weight, the size of their chest, the colour of their skin or hair, their disability whether etc. Compliment them when you have to.

6. Respect their feelings. Women may be told that they are too emotional, or that their feelings are invalid (e.g. they must be on their period).

7. Be honest about how you feel, and let yourself be vulnerable or cry if you need to. You are equals, and both of you should feel free to express emotion.

8.Research on new ways to make your partner happy. Try talking to people you already know and are comfortable with, and ask what their suggestions are, for treating their partners appropriately.

9. Treat them like you are still trying to get them.

10. Don’t cheat.

11. Don’t keep secrets. Always keep them in the know of things as that shows you are one and that you love them enough to include them in every part of your life.


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