UG: Did You Know Adwoa Noella Can Bath 5 Times A Day?? Read More Here.

So this month is for our ladies especially those who are doing great things on campus and today we have with us our Maliaka Contestant, Adwoa Noella.
KuulpeepsLegon: Can you serve our readers some sharp introduction?
Adwoa Noella: oh yeah. I’m Vanessa Ewuradwoa Noel Nyarkoa Donkor, level 200 and I study Biomedical Engineering.
KuulpeepsLegon: That’s a very lengthy nice name. So we guess the Noella came from the Noel.
Adwoa Noella: Ikr!! You are smart!
Kuulpeepslegon: Thank you, So Adwoa Noella how did you find yourself in the space you are in now?
Adwoa Noella: So I auditioned for the first ever episode of High Skul Clique during my pre-SHS classes days at Presec and got picked alongside others. Aside from that, I realized I had some interest in modeling and i decided to make it professional and so far so good, God has been amazing
Kuulpeepslegon: So what inspired you to participate in Malaika?
Adwoa Noella: People actually used to tell me to go but i have this particular friend of mine that was quite insistent on me going last year and i decided to try it out. Aside from that, I loved how they go about their stuff and all plus the grooming and excitement so that’s it.
Kuulpeepslegon: What is your greatest Inspiration in life??
Adwoa Noella: A new chance at life inspires me to do something each day,my mum and the life’s experiences.
Kuulpeepslegon: That’s great. Where do you see yourself in the near future?
Adwoa Noella: Everyone wants to be successful you know! But I certainly see myself as the woman God wants me to be!
Kuulpeepslegon: Wow…5 things people don’t know about you?
Adwoa Noella: Some people know some though but
I sing
I dance
I’m the 1st born of my parents
I like to keep to myself
I’m weird..lmao
Kuulpeepslegon: How weird can you be??
Adwoa Noella: As weird as bathing like 5 times a day.
Kuulpeepslegon: Now! That is weird! Lol
Kuulpeepslegon: Okay so…Money or love?
Adwoa Noella: Money
Kuulpeeps legon: How religious are you?
Adwoa Noella: Like 65%
Kuulpeepslegon:  You’re christian, right? When was the last time you went to church?
Adwoa Noella: Yes!  Last two weeks
Kuulpeepslegon: Sarkodie or Manifest?
Adwoa Noella: Now that’s hard
Kuulpeepslegon: You’d have to choose one anyway…
Adwoa Noella: Uhmmm Manifest
Kuulpeepslegon: Nice, do you like him tall or short?
Adwoa Noella: Tall
Kuulpeepslegon: Why do you love what you do?
Adwoa Noella: Because everyday is like a challenge to me and in able to express myself and be me
Kuulpeepslegon: We’ve finally come to the end of our interview… But before we end it… A word of encouragement to our young ladies out there who want to be in the space you find yourself.
Adwoa Noella: Learn to be you, learn to love yourself, learn to do you first and don’t be pressured into doing something because you want to be famous or be known. Pray, be patient, work hard and know that Gods time is the best.
Kuulpeepslegon: Thank you very much Adwoa Noella. We appreciate.
Adwoa Noella: I’m honoured
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