Does Ashesi University Give Free Netflix Accounts? Find Out Here


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Hope you guys are enjoying your day. And Ashesians, I hope you guys are also enjoying your mid-semester break.

This past Saturday, on the 2nd of March, the Ashesi Support Centre decided to give Ashesi students a treat. They sent an email to students giving them free Netflix access.

Of course, Ashesi Students were happy. Some posted the news on their WhatsApp Statuses, others also posted it on their Snapchat, Instagram Stories, and even on twitter. But of course, Twitter got the most buzz from students from other universities.

But hold up. The big question is… Does Ashesi provide free Netflix accounts? As in, does Ashesi buy Netflix for students to stream movies for free?

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Nope. The answer is No. Not at all.

The reason why students are happy is that all movie sites have been blocked, including almighty Netflix. Also, Netflix is only accessible from 6 pm to 6 am. But the good thing is Youtube is not part of the blocklist.

So students are happy because they have unlimited time access to use Netflix, and n0t because the university has given them free Netflix accounts.

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Looks like some universities charge their students for using these streaming apps. Guess Ashesi can learn from them.

If you’re home, this is too bad. You’ll have to buy data to stream your movies and series.

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