CCTU: Here Are Four Reasons Why You Should Actually Go For Lectures.

We’ve all done it. We wake up before an early morning lecture, realize how delightfully comfy our bed is, think about how boring the lecture will be, and pull the cloth back over our heads.

There are many reasons that students skip lectures – some are valid and others not.

But more students are wondering what purpose lectures serve, especially when notes and slides are uploaded to student portals. 

Here are four very good reasons to attend your lectures.


1. For your GPA 

 More often, showing up to lectures has a significant impact on your grade. And it’s not just because of that grade you receive at the end of the semester, but also because just sitting in and taking notes will make you hate yourself a little less when the midterm season comes around.

2. You might meet your future partner 

Not to get your hopes up, but there is a chance you might end up dating the woman you’ve always dreamt to have if you do show up to your classes.

3. Lectures are the basis for all your assessments

One of the reasons that many students skip lectures is because they feel that they are a waste of time. But lectures can actually save you time and will serve as a map for your assignments and exams. 

4. Avoid cramming at the last minute 

If you are a student that constantly takes weekly notes, and reads the textbooks, then you probably can get away with not attending the lectures. But the thing is, this is really hard to do, especially on a weekly basis. This is why it makes no sense to skip lectures because it actually takes longer to catch up on our own.

Hope we’re missing lectures no more…..

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