All You Need To Know About The Central University Basketball Teams

In the Central University, we have a variety of sporting activities such as soccer, netball, handball, to mention but a few.

Today we’re looking at the basketball department of Central University.

We are pretty sure a lot of you don’t know about how the basketball team came about on the Miosto campus.

The basketball team was formed by a group of students “anonymous” who came together and decided that since there are other sporting activities on campus and they partake in other tournaments why don’t they come together to set up a basketball team for the institution so as to get a team to partake in basketball tournaments.

After the team was formed they got six different teams,  and you know you can’t have a team without names to represent them.

A level 400 Pharmacy student named Asher came up with 6 names to represent the six teams.

The first team they came up with is the Central Fire. The team is captained by Samuel with their jersey colour is green.


Miotso Scorpions is the second basketball team on campus captained by Kobby with their  Jersey colour being yellow and black

The Miotso Suns is another basketball team on campus with their team jersey being  Yellow with blue and red stripes with their captain being Tuskeys.

Trinity hoops team is a team with their jersey colour being red and are Captained by Enhykhay .



Prampram Heat is also another basketball team on campus. The team’s jersey colour is white and its captained by Jonathan.


The last basketball team on campus is the landowners. The landowners is captained by Sydney and their Jersey is blue.

Here are the 6 basketball teams we have on the Central University main campus. Their names alone would tell you the energy and vim they possess and play with.


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  1. Nice blog but CENTRAL BASKETBALL in MIOTSO was started in 2012 by a group of level 100 gentlemen in BLUE HOSTEL.
    Back then SPORTS never gained that recognition from the University since it was still growing & had only Freshers and continuing students present on campus. Unfortunately basketball had to take a backseat to Football.

    During that year, Central hosted schools like Valley View, Ashesi etc on Miotso campus during utunauthorised periods just to create awareness and create an environment for emerging talents who wanted to be Alumnus. Teams created included Miosto Main, Obonu boys, Blue Hostel Allstars just to mention a few.

    I can tell Basketball in Miotso is moving at a steady pace.
    Hopefully Central University will be recognised as a dubbed a basketball fraternity.



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