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You Won’t Believe The Answers People Chose On Kuulpeeps UEW’s #TriviaThursday

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Who said Fridays had to be the only fun days?! Kuulpeeps UEW has started one of the best games on Ghanaian social media. Whether it is while away time or to check whether you pay attention to little deets, #TriviaThursdays is something you’ll enjoy. For three weeks our Instafam has been joining us in the fun zone to play #TriviaThursdays and it’s been hilarious AF

Remember when we travelled to Westeros ??

Ermm..why do y’all think King Joffrey was poisoned with wine?? Ugh…lmao

We can understand why many players think the House of Lannister’s motto is “ A Lannister always pays his debts” but the actual motto of the Lannister house is “ Hear Me Roar”. Sorry!

Then we joined forces and went to the little country of Wakanda. Here….things got a bit ugly!

This is Nakiya!? Really!? People why!

We know only a few players chose the wrong answer but guys wussuh! The country the Black Panther rules is T’Challa!? We now get why teachers used to whip Y’all!

Sometimes specific really means specific guys! And we got 71% of you!

You know there’s a difference between T’Challa and T’Chaka right?! At this point, we have to ask you to go back and watch the movie again.

Tragic! The gods of Wakanda?! Please watch the first few minutes of the movie again and get back to us, please!?

Just this week we played popular song lyrics with our fam.

“Ew) me yard with my African girl” is what Kwesi Arthur says ..incase Y’all were wondering

“Telemo!? “….okay! The least said

Those are lyrics from the second stanza of our country’s national anthem! Please submit your Ghana Card to the appropriate authorities.

We can forgive Y’all for this..we didn’t even know it ourselves, Charley…

Shoutout to our regular players! Hoping to see y’all next week. Just follow us on Kuulpeeps UEW on Instagram and check our Instagram feed! Ready to play!???


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