You Embarrassed Yourself In front Of Your Crush?!! Lmao Take These Steps To ‘Save Face’


Getting a crush on someone is not easy charle!

You have to suffer seeing them flirt with other people…

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Then there’s the anxiety when you don’t know whether or not you should tell them…

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But when you finally muster the courage to approach them…

and your tongue grows a brain and decides to say whatever it wants…

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The embarrassment!

Don’t worry tho…we’ve got the perfect way to deal with this.

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Step 1: Hit your head and call yourself stupid

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Very necessary first step. It makes you calm down and it helps push the tears to the back of your head at least until you get to be alone.

Then that’s when you take the next step!

Step 2

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Yes, cry cos this one dierr be like you killed your chances lmao! The girl or guy is probably telling their friends about the stupid way you reacted and…they are laughing their heads off or dissing you or even worse…you’ve been forgotten!!!!!

Step 3: Eat

Food makes everything better. That’s a fact. We aren’t talking gob3 or plain rice or waakye ooo!! You need something that will restore your confidence! Go to some boujee ass but budget-friendly place like…KFC!!! They’ve got this amazing offers for the sad and lonely! Fried rice with their amazing chicken and shito of course for just 13 cedis p3!

Step 4: Try Again!!!!!!!

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Yes, after eating the KFC, your confidence will definitely go up. We know this cos we tried it. Take some selfies while you’re there too and post them cos if she or he goes through your social media to snoop, they’d see that you are not a ‘small children’!

Image result for swag gif

Now the next time you see them (or go find them), gather your vim and go straight ahead to tell them how you feel. If you acted a little stupid when you met them the first time, apologize and tell them why.

Be truthful charle.

Now look, they’re smiling!

So guess what you’re going to do to seal the deal?

Step 5:

Invite them over to KFC for their fried rice and chicken too!

You’re welcome!!!!!

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