UENR: How To Apply Make Up And Still Look Good In Just Five Minutes


In this 21st century, makeup and girls are………

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We are sure you get the picture.

For the guys, it’s just stress..reasons why? It’s a waste of time and a guy in a white shirt can’t feel comfortable hugging the ladies.

The ladies do the make up every time for every occasion.

For weddings


For parties


Finally for students. Make up for class. We are pretty sure they will come up with makeup for bedtime pretty soon.


With makeup for a normal day, we will like to suggest a five (5) minutes procedure. One which is less time wasting but we still think the guys in the white shirts will still have to keep their hugs.

With a five (5) minutes makeup procedure, no need for expensive products. Just stick with the products you know and love.


Your main focus should be the skin and brows. Opting for a glowy skin and natural lashes could make a guy think she is not of this world.


If you’re the type to squeeze out every last minute until you really, really need to wake up for school or work, here are steps to help get your make up done in 5 minutes

Step 1: Use a concealer, Apply it all over your face with a large foundation brush.

Step 2: Use a black or brown pencil(for eyebrows), draw in your eyebrows lightly, following your natural curve.

Step 3: Use the lightest shade on the palette and use your finger to apply it on your eyelids for a good base.

Step 4: Scratch the eyeliner and go for mascara to bring out your eyes. If you have especially straight, downward falling eyelashes, start curling at the very inner edge of your lashes. Make sure to move out little by little to give it a smooth, natural-looking curl.

Step 5: Use blush for a natural glow on the cheek. Smile, you can easily identify the apple of your cheek and brush up your cheekbone.

Step 6: Use the highlighter, just smear on your nose and cheekbones and pat it with your fingers.

Step 7: Pick a lipstick of your choice, put on your lips and blend with fingers to bring out a soft touch.

Step 8: Make sure your hair is neat and casual.
There you go. Still Pretty in five minutes.



NB: An hour before class isn’t the time to try a new liner or foundation colour.



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