UCC: The SRC Has Rejected The Metro Mass Shuttle Service.

UCC, Free Shuttle

The Student Representative Council(SRC) of the University Of Cape Coast(UCC) revealed its decision to abort the services rendered by the Metro mass Shuttle Service which had been running a “Free Shuttle Service” for the students of the university for almost a year.

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The implementation of the pilot shuttle service was without controversies and concerns raised by the students which indicated that the ”free shuttle service” was ironically very expensive.

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The current SRC leadership prior to its election campaigned on a promise to restructure the shuttle service and discontinue the operation if it turned out to be to the disadvantage of the students.

On reopening of school this semester it has been realised that the Ghana-flagged buses which roamed the streets of the school or sat comfortably at the shuttle stations were no more.



The Src president, widely referred to as Sir John, in an address to the general assembly of the school, revealed the reasons why the buses had not been seen since reopening of school this semester.

 ucc shuttle station

According to him, the school management had refused to divert funds from defunct services such as canteen levy to finance the shuttle service.

Again, the shuttle service had only become a terrible experience and ultimately a challenge in itself as it was failing to help the students for whom the services were procured.


Kuulpeeps reports indicate times the drivers drove under 30km per hour because of the speed limit in the school. The slow driven pace of the buses meant students were almost always late lectures.

Again there were reports of a large number of students that depended on the only four buses that were running the shuttle service.


In view of these reasons and others, the SRC leadership made a decision to discontinue the operations of the Metro Mass Shuttle Service.

Normalcy may have almost returned to campus with the reintroduction of the Paid Shuttle Service yet students express concerns over the paid shuttle service. Let us know in the comment section which shuttle service worked in your favour. Free or Paid?


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