Student Visa, Diversity Visa Lottery And Others Are Exempted From The US VISA Restrictions On Ghana

Jayne Howell , US Embassy Ghana
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Last week, we told y’all that the United States of America is implementing a limited VISA ban on Ghana.

This is because the United States government is accusing the Ghanaian government of not corporating in the deportation of some 7,000 Ghanaians from the United States of America.

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Meanwhile, the Ghanaian government claims it has done its best to work with the USA government to ascertain the true nationalities of the person’s involved before granting them permission to deport the 7,000 people to Ghana.

In 2017, about 63 Ghanaians who had overstayed their VISAS were deported but it seems there is more to come.

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However, the American government claims the Ghanaian government is dragging its feet in accepting more deportees, hence the slapping of VISA sanctions on Ghana.

In a video to explain who the VISA ban affects, the Consul General at the US Embassy Ghana, Jayne Howell said the restrictions only apply to new visa applications and the embassy is not “cancelling revoking visas we have already issued.”

According to her, the VISA restrictions affects domestic employees of the Ghanaian diplomats working in the USA, these include drivers and maids who work for Ghana diplomats working in the USA.

Also, there is limited visa validity for tourist and business visas (b1, b2, b1/b2). Employees of the Ghanaian legislative and executive branches are also affected. This affects employees of ministries, parliament and many government-owned businesses no matter the person’s rank or position.

Furthermore, if you have a Ghanaian diplomatic or service passport, your visa may be limited and that includes spouses or children under the age of 21 of employees of the Ghanaian legislative or executive branches.

According to Jayne Howell, student visas, employment visas, diplomatic and official visas, immigrant visas, diversity lottery visas and visas issued prior to February 4, which is when the US Visa restrictions on Ghana came into effect.

“The visa restrictions are subject to change. If that happens, we will release updated information on our website,” she said.

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