MUCG: Meet Deborah Ajiboye, 2018 Valedictorian Who Graduated With A Final GPA Of 3.80 In Economics And Statistics


The new grading system has made the education system a bit tight, What you could have gotten as an A- is now a B. So hard work, commitment, punctuality and all of you really goes a long way to help in the long run.

Now let’s go to the way everybody looks at you when you’re mentioned as the Overall Best Student, this is something else. That’s when everyone starts to reminisce your characteristics and how you lived your life in school.

They start to remember if the same person was the one the lecturers praised before. The pride alone that comes with this, Deborah shares hers with us.

Her name is Deborah Ajiboye Titilope, a Nigerian. First Class student and Overall Best Student for the 2018/2019 Academic year. She graduated with a final GPA of 3.80 in Economics And Statistics.

We all know Economics and Statistics is not an easy course. All the math can just discourage you from studying. So we went straight to the point after getting to know her a bit.

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Kuulpeeps MUCG: What was your motivation?

Deborah Ajiboye: Making it known that you can be a God-person and still be excellent.

Kuulpeeps MUCG: Is that why you churned out the dress code rules for the then SRC?

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Deborah Ajiboye: Not exactly,  I was tired of the level of indecency on campus coupled with the knowledge that that was never the intention of the school management as indicated in the students’ handbook.

Kuulpeeps MUCG: Are you telling us? We can’t wear certain clothing and be sharks?

Deborah Ajiboye: Well, the clothing doesn’t drive your academic performance.

                              Mmm okay, then why the rules still? (Our thoughts)

Kuulpeeps MUCG: Alright back to the matter. How did you study? How did you accumulate all the GPA over the years?

Deborah Ajiboye: Study group, personal study and attendance to lectures- taking notes of things other people overlook and jotting them down

Kuulpeeps MUCG: Hmm, the little things matter. What would be your advice to our readers who are students?

Deborah Ajiboye: Be the best God has called you to be

Kuulpeeps MUCG: What are your plans now that you are done with school?

Deborah Ajiboye: I’ll want to do my Service, then masters.

Kuulpeeps MUCG: Great so we are curious, as the overall best student has any organization hit you up with work opportunities?

Deborah Ajiboye: Oh yes

                             Deborah will not want to delve into the company(ies).

Kuulpeeps MUCG: Was there a time you ever gave up? Because all the math can really stress you out.

Deborah Ajiboye: Not at all but as with students, learning something new that seems difficult and then everyone jokes about not furthering.

Kuulpeeps MUCG: What would you recommend for learning conditions in the school to be better so we can be like you or even better?

Deborah Ajiboye: Make the faculty accessible 24 hours. Also, the study garden that used to be a better alternative when the faculty was locked at night no longer serves its purpose as there are no bulbs there.

Kuulpeeps MUCG: And do you by any means have any plans for the school concerning this as an Alumni?

Deborah Ajiboye: I’ve not actually spent the time to think about this.

Kuulpeeps MUCG: Alright, Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Deborah Ajiboye: Keep in mind that, God coupled with diligent study and the right set of friends makes you successful.

Kuulpeeps MUCG: Thank you for your time, all the best in your endeavours

Deborah Ajiboye: Thank you too

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