#MarchWithDano By Celebrating The “Wonda Women” You Know This March


Living in today’s fast-paced world, it is easy for us to ignore the superwomen in our lives.

They are in our homes, neighbourhoods, workplaces, schools, churches and wherever we find ourselves on the regular.

Women who have become key to their click… almost everybody relies on them and their big hearts just makes it impossible for them not to help out when they are needed.

They are the warriors that take up the fight and make sure that the right thing is done no matter how hectic or costly it would be.

They power through stressful situations and they literally become the people holding everybody up so that nobody drowns.

No matter who you are, there is that one woman you look up to, challenges you and teaches you so much and always makes you feel safe whenever you’re around them.

Today, they embody the spirit of the Yaa Asantewas, the Theodosia Salome Okohs, the Melody Danquahs, the Susan Barbara Ofori-Attas and others.

Instead of waiting till its too late to celebrate them, why not do it now when your Superwoman is still here.

Here is good news for you, our new favourite dairy products producer, Arla Dano wants to help you celebrate that “Wonda Woman” big time this March.

Dano wants to help you celebrate that Wonda Woman you know in a biiiiiiigggg way.

Trust us, you really need to enlist the help of Dano if you want your celebration of your Wonda Woman to be extra special this March.

Here’s what you have to do…

Just send Arla Dano a DM on either Twitter or Instagram with the photo of the Wonda Woman you want to celebrate.

Also, tell them why you think the person you have chosen is Wonda Woman.

This March, Dano is celebrating girl power so why not #MarchWithDano?

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