KuulpeepsUCC Rolls Out The “Do You Know Your 2019/2020 SRC Aspirants?” Series


It’s the season for new leadership to arise and take charge of the interests of students for the next academic year- 2019/2020.

By now you would have had an encounter with the nicely pressed suit-wearing gentlemen or possibly met the nicely clothed and extremely polite ladies vying for offices for the 2019/2020 academic year.

KuulpeepsUCC is asking how well do you know these aspirants?

How certain are you of the aspirants you will vote for?

What fun facts and little secrets do you know about them?

Join us as we profile and interview all the aspirants for the various SRC positions and JCR leadership.

Trust KuulpeepsUCC to provide you with all the necessary details on the various aspirants.


Watch out for mid-week and weekend features of  your favourite aspirants

To all the various aspirants for the various SRC positions, kindly hit us up in our DMs on @kuulpeepsUCC or contact Manuel on 0574899346 to schedule an interview session.



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