#Emergers2019: Meet Toyboi, The Rapper Who Barged Into Our Hearts With His Freestyles


Twitter needed firemen a lot of times in 2018 cos the heat was too much whenever a particular guy dropped a freestyle.  Y’all know who we are talking about already right???


His heavy bars, accent and dexterity in merging twi, ga, pidjin and English made him become an easy favourite among people. He was catapulted into the spotlight when his bar4bar Wednesdays caught on on social media. He explained that he has been doing the bar4bar Wednesdays longer than we knew.

He started somewhere in 2016 or 2017 after he realized he seriously wanted to get into music but didn’t have enough funds to get a record done. He had to find a way to get his music heard.

I just woke up one Wednesday morning and felt like hey, I have a good flow and I can put it out but as I no get money to make any record dierr I just recorded it on my phone and then posted it on social media. I asked for 100 views but I woke up the next morning and I had 1000 views and I thought, okay… this is nice! I made it a weekly event, named it Bar 4 Bar Wednesday and that was it”

For an upcoming artiste who’s been recognized more on social media than others, Toyboi agreed that social media is a strong tool which contributed to him being recognized and accepted by more people because he’s got to perform on big stages such as Tidal Rave and he’s been called to perform so many times and it’s all been based off his Freestyles! No hit song or track…just freestyles!


For a rapper who was just dey surfing videos at a very young age until he found an artiste that changed his life, he’s done really great for himself! Toyboi’s all-time rapper and influence is the British rapper called Chipmunk. He saw him and that was all he needed to trigger him into doing music!

“I dey surf YouTube wey I see the rapper dem dey call Chipmunk on Tim Westwood. I think that was around 2008 or 2009. I liked the way he was doing the rap thing and I felt like I wanted to be like him so then yeah, I started doing music.”

We loved that he is such a talented rapper; he believes that talent comes in packages but his came in a bilingual form which is why he easily plays around with all the languages you hear him rap! He’s currently not doing anything aside music cos he says everything he does now, is geared towards his music making music a full-time job for him. Chipmunk is still his fave artiste and he still listens to him all the time.

Just like any young artiste, Toyboi has had a couple of challenges in pursuing his music career and getting it out but he’s impressed with what he’s done so far, (have you seen him on Sarkodie’s Biibi ba???!!!!!) and for him, being signed unto Supernova records has been of great help for him.

Supernova records is like a family business to me. I mean the CEO is my distant cousin. He’s like my street godfather. He’s been nurturing me this whole time so it was only right for them to sign me”

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