Apple’s New AirPods To Have Deeper Bass, Better Grip And More Perks Which The First AirPods Did Not Have

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AirPods 2 is reportedly coming this spring with such perks as a much-requested black model, deeper bass, a specialized coating at the top of each earbud that could provide better grip, additional health sensors and other improvements, all in exchange for $199 (GHC 1,047.74)

According to reports the new AirPods will not look any different from the outside compared to the current model but should offer superior audio quality along with the following new features and enhancements:

  • Sound quality: More impressive bass response
  • Design: Special coating to improve grip on the top
  • More sensors: Heart-rate health sensors
  • Battery size: Identical to the current model
  • Battery life: Similar to the current model
  • Charging case: Grip-inclined coating
  • Two colours: Black and White
  • Price: $199 in the US vs. the $159 original AirPods

As for the new specialized coating on top that will improve grip, the publication describes it as similar to the frosted glass coating Google uses for its Pixel smartphone line. Interestingly, a similar coating may come to other Apple products in the future, including a high-end iPhone model to be released this year, according to a report published by DroidShout last week.

The original AirPods released in December 2016 but supply had remained constrained pretty much throughout 2017 as the wireless earbuds against all odds proved Apple’s sleeper hit and the company’s most popular accessory ever.

Early adopters who were lucky to purchase their AirPods shortly after they became available are now starting to see diminishing battery life as the tiny batteries in each earbud can no longer hold 100% charge.

Taiwanese trade publication DigiTimes reported recently that the next AirPods would launch in the first half of this year with all-new health-tracking features. A refreshed AirPods popup card discovered in the iOS 12.2 beta has strongly indicated that the new earbuds might come with a built-in Hey Siri feature.

source: idownloadblog

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