8 Types Of Uber Riders Every Driver Encounters


Thank God for Uber and the fact that we can get to anyplace we want to go to without any hassle and at very affordable prices too!

People always talk about the Uber drivers but…what about the passengers? lol, the riders?! Ask any Uber driver and he’d probably tell you we are spot on! Here are the different types of riders that the Uber driver has had to drive to some place or the other!

The quiet one

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This is the ideal type of rider. They’re usually quiet, mind their own business and only talk when they are spoken to. Most of the time, they sit at the back and play with their phones for as long as the ride will take. No stress.

The Chatterbox

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They are too friendly. They are the ones who’d usually ignore the backseat and sit right by the driver. Front seat. They will chat with the driver like they’re old friends and by the time they get to their drop off point, they’d know the driver’s story, what they ate and everything their ancestors have ever done.

The snappy rider

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No one likes this type of rider. Why? They’re rude! They get into the car, like they’re doing the driver a favour and proceed to complain about everything!!! If the driver even tries to start a conversation, they will snap at him like he/she offered something weird! Chances are, they’re definitely on their phone tweeting about a nonexistent ‘terrible’ experience.

Space To Space rider

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There’s always that rider who’s always on their phone. If you pay attention…you’d know a lot about their friends cos they gossip!!!!!!!! They will talk on the phone for hours… from the moment the driver picks them up all the way to their stop and it’s rarely ever any harmless conversation! Gossip nkoaaa. It’s actually entertaining. Very!

The Glutton

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These ones sit in the car and eat saaaaa!!! We aren’t talking about snacks. We are talking about food ankasa. The kind that sits in the uber and eats like they’re in their mother’s kitchen. They will finish the food and it’s very likely that they will leave the empty packs in the car or drop pieces of the food in the car. Stress.


The lovey-dovey riders

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This one is quite common. Couples that take the Uber and just snuggle and forget the driver even exists. If the driver doesn’t speak up…they will forget and assume they are in their bedroom and ermm well…God forbid anyone does that.

The Party Animals

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Friday nights, these ones are a definite! These are riders who will get in the car as a group and talk loudly and excitedly till they reach their destination. They are usually drunk. Very drunk. And the driver will be treated to bad odour, forced conversations and by force laughter at their dry jokes till they get off.

The Sleeper

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The sleepy rider will sleep so much that the driver will have to constantly wake them up to make sure they are alive and when the driver gets to the destination…lol the driver better pray to God that the person is not a deep sleeper or else…how will you wake them up to get down?!!

Despite all of these characters they encounter day in day out, Uber drivers have a reason to constantly smile nowadays thanks to Old Mutual Life Assurance.

As a driver, when the unfortunate happens, you get to benefit from a medical expense cover that is to the tune of GHs12,500, a funeral expense policy that is to the tune of GHs50,000 and GHs5,000 for funeral expenses.

That’s not all (yeah we know some of you said “is that all?’’). In the event of permanent disability, you get to benefit from a lump sum of Ghs50,000 depending on the severity of the accident.

Let’s not forget the icing on the cake, whereas a driver you get a Ghs50 daily payment when the doctor certifies that you are unfit to work for a period of up to 30 days.

Stay safe out there though, it’s the most important thing!




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