#Emergers2019: Meet Mizz Esi, The Comedienne Whose Relatable IG Videos Will Have You Rolling On The Floor!!

Remember this video which went viral??


Yeah, here she is.

My friends always told me that I’m a funny person so I thought…why not share that with the world, where people are going through a lot and need a reason to smile?? I uploaded two videos and…they blew up”

Curious about how she shoots and edits the video, the very excited comedienne/skit artist explained how her crew works. Yhup, she has a crew. She births the idea, then her crew which consists of a cinematographer, an editor, a sound engineer and a director put it in motion. Apparently, it was easy for her to get linked with her crew because she’s actually an actress and is currently shooting a TV series, My Classmates which is yet to come out. That’s not just it. She’s also a caterer and swears she can cook and bake anything and everything you want in any quantity.

Yeah, that’s an ad, place your orders lol.

Miss Esi had no idea she’d have this large following on Instagram. When she did her first viral video, she was unsure about Instagram so she shared her video on Facebook instead. She drew inspiration from that however and went ahead to shoot a video that showed her confusion when she first joined Instagram, posted pics and got very few likes. What’s impressive is, in about 3 months, her followers on IG have grown tremendously mostly because of her funny and relatable videos.

“At the moment, I’ve noticed my videos do extremely well on Instagram and the YouTube is picking up. Whatsapp is also amazing but there’s no way we can track that so…”

Maame Esi lives in Tarkoradi and about how well she’s been handling the new found social media celebrity status, she admitted it’s fun but can be overwhelming sometimes because “I can’t hide or go my corners to eat the food I want to eat and a whole lot of things. Lol! Some even see me and tell me I’m way prettier than what they see in my videos and…it’s a great feeling”

Choosing to look like she does in her videos is a conscious effort. For her, she feels it is a very vital thing to show her “real face” as a way of relating to her viewers. She wants people to recognize her even when she’s not all glammed up for what she does.

Clearly a spiritual person but not your stereotypical ‘chrife’, she linked her current success to God and told us about how she loves creating positive stuff and addressing a problem the country or a person is facing but doing it in a way Ghanaians know and love too well: through comedy.

And to anyone who’s thinking of starting something of their own on social media, Mzz Esi says: “Be real, don’t look down on yourself, feel pretty, love your scars and do what you have to do well and ignore anyone trying to bring you down cos well…no one’s living for anyone.”

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