#Emergers2019: Meet Maayaa, The Girl Snatching Souls With Her Voice

Anyone who’s on Twitter will remember the day Chapter Red was trending. Most of us knew her for her tweets but surprise surprise…turns out she could siiiing!!!

It was no surprise then, after she dropped her EP, that she was Apple Music’s Featured New Artiste for a while. She described the feeling as somewhat strange but pleasant as she hadn’t really expected a lot of people to like her music but hey “It was really dope. I was like ‘woow’ because I didn’t really expect my music to get that much attention. It was nice.”

“Getting used to people liking my music is still very strange to me because I don’t really expect a lot of people to like it. I feel like my music is so different so it was very surprising but very pleasant”

Like the soulful goddess she is, Maayaa swept into our office in a breeze of shea and coconut oil and anything that makes you think “Ouuu African woman.” She occasionally readjusted her Threaded Tribes cloak as she explained to us how she pours her emotions into each song she makes.

“I just put myself in a space, like…. when I am recording, I try to strip everything else away so it’s just the lyrics and me singing and I just try to stay in that space. I do whatever I can to get in the space. Sometimes I ask everyone in the studio to go out, sometimes I put all the lights out just so I try to get myself in the space”

The songstress is currently focusing on music but plans to follow her other passion which is Human Rights and Entertainment law.

“I chose to do the music first because it made more sense strategically cause if I go to school, I’m not going to have time to be recording music and going to the studio.”

Her songs are usually inspired by anything. For her, anything and everything has the potential to inspire her songs which made us ask about Ensu, a powerful song that moved many to tears on her Chapter Red album and could only have been sung by a voice that has experienced some sort of loss. She smiled and admitted that yes, the song was inspired by a friend she lost.

Underneath her huge naturally kinky hair, lies a genius brain which makes it really easy for her to write music in as little as 5 minutes! She just records her ideas quickly or just sings them over and over again just so she doesn’t forget!

“The melody comes to me and I put the words into it. But I don’t write the whole song though. I wrote my first song ‘Limbo” in twenty minutes or so. Sometimes the words just come but they are not perfect though. I tweak them later till the song itself is done.”

So far, ‘Hers’ is the best song she thinks she has ever written.

Follow her on Twitter: @Delmiyaa

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