#Emergers2019: Meet iPhone DJ. He’s Playing Shows, Moving Crowds…All With Just An iPhone in Hand!


What makes every party lit? The music!!

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Who’s the King of every event?

The Dj!

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It’s really normal to walk into a club or a party or show and see the King (DJ) sitting behind his throne.. spinning and turning and churning out amazing mixes for everyone to jam to!

Now imagine you look towards the high seat of the DJ and see a guy casually sitting and pressing his phone while people jam madly.

That’s the DJ!

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Yhup, meet Otoo Mensah, popularly known as the iPhone DJ! He’s been moving crowds using just his iPhone and it’s breathtaking how well he’s able to do that!

The legendary iPhone DJ started experimenting with DJ-ing on his phone sometime in March 2017. What started as making mixtapes for himself and playing in his room on campus pushed him on the right path to where he is currently.

” I had really loud speakers so people always heard my mixes whenever they passed by my room and they always asked ‘who did this mix?’ and I was like, I did it…on my phone and they’re like…blown away.”

If you’re wondering why he specifically uses an iPhone, there’s no special reason. He just started with an iPhone, got used to it and that was it. If he’d started with the turntables, he’d probably be using just that too.

“I didn’t think to work with just an iPhone would be accepted because a lot of people discouraged me. They usually said pulling up at a show or event with an iPhone dierr I wouldn’t be taken seriously but here we are…”

However, some friends still believed in him. He scored his first gig when one of his friends put him on Trap and Afrobeats Thursday, it’s an event at paparazzi lounge. That was like my first day, 3rd March 2018 and from there, things went kaboom!

All the iPhone DJ really needs is his iPhone and his preferred software, DJay 2. He admitted that he uses other software too because he feels the need to challenge himself and get the ‘laptop experience.’

Now, let’s blow your mind. Every set the iPhone DJ plays is live. It’s not a saved playlist…everything is live and he lives off the vibe he feels emanating from the crowd.

“I practice for a show but I don’t really rehearse for a show’s set. like, I can’t say I’m going to a particular place so I’m going to play this or that. It’s like a vibe. When you get there and you see the crowd, it’s almost like a guessing game. You need to watch the crowd, see what they’re gonna like to hear, then you do everything right there.” 

And it’s worked for him. So far, he hasn’t made the wrong call while playing a set. Well, he admits he’s had very difficult sets where he couldn’t really tap into the vibe of the crowd and impress them. It took a while and eventually, it worked!

“I like to read and research on different genres of music. If I know I’m going to an Indian wedding, I’ll go on the internet the night before, see what’s happening and what’s hot in India and try to find a way to play it in my set.”

iPhone DJ hasn’t always wanted to be a Dj. He plays the keyboard and guitar and was hoping to break into the music industry as an artiste.

“I thought I would be like an artist, a musician… like a King Promise or something, cos Promise was my friend from way back in the day and we used to talk about getting in the studio together. We used to watch videos of concerts and all that but…here we are.” 

Of course, working and schooling is a tough mix but the iPhone DJ is working hard, working things out. Follow him on IG: @theiphonedj and Twitter: @iamtheiphonedj

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