#Emergers2019: Meet Beca Donald Knott, The Model Hoping To Change The Lives Of People All Over Ghana


In an industry that’s almost growing at a snail’s pace, Beca Donald Knott has carved a place for herself and is killing the game! She’s been in a number of videos with big names like Sarkodie, Dj Vyrusky, Inyanya, Dr Sid and has worked with big brands such as Ophelia Crossland and Belma Accessories. 

Pretty, poised and elegant, Beca revealed how she started modelling. Like most killers in their fields, Beca’s interest in modelling sparked at an early age. For her, the runway and studio was her room and her mirror, the camera. Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model show was her teacher and it was through this show that she perfected her eye contact. She dreamed of becoming a model but…she was too shy. It wasn’t until Senior High School, where her school mother, Kezia convinced her to model and…she did!

“I modelled on stage and that was one of the most difficult things I have ever done. People were watching, some were hating, and others were complimenting me”. 

It worked cos ever since that day, she’s never looked back. She became the face of her school in 2012, was the second runner up of a Nigerian pageant in Ghana, almost went for Miss Malaika but realized she’d rather do other aspects of modelling than pageantry. The Ghanaian model industry has been tough tho…

“In Ghana, we don’t appreciate models, that’s the truth. They feel we are lazy but models are actually the best because we sell out products. We make what you wear beautiful, you see it on us and you really want to buy it. So it’s about time we got appreciated”

Beca doesn’t joke with her money. Models in Ghana have been known to be underpaid and because she’s trying to reach her lifetime goal of using her wealth to help people, she’s carefully understood what works for her and sticks to it!

“People who need models have to appreciate them cos it’s like you know what they’re bringing on board and you should value it! For me, If you give me what you think is right or what you’re giving everyone instead of what I want you to give me, I’d leave. I am not everyone. I know my value” 

To other models working hard in the industry, Beca insists that they should be open and ready to listen to advice and learn!

“How I got to the place I am now was by listening to advice and studying stuff, and I have a mindset of a go-getter. My reason for working hard to get to the top is to be able to help others when I get there and that’s all”

She’s passionate about helping others and has always known this is what she’d want to do. She’s working hard towards it and it’s admirable how much she wants to help bring change! Her final goal is to open an orphanage that actually works and memories of her, giving out money people dashed to her as a kid cos she was cute, to people in the streets, keeps that dream alive!

Follow her on Instagram: @Beca_Donald_Knott

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