#Emergers2019: Meet Andy Madjitey, The Brain Behind The Music Videos You See


You always watch music videos and applaud the artistes for such an amazing video but…have you ever wondered who’s behind the scenes?

It’s a collaborative effort but it’s someone who brings the song to life in the video. Someone comes up with ideas to make what you see a brilliant video.

Meet Andy Madjitey, a video director working tirelessly behind the scenes so you get a great video to your favourite song.

Now sit back let’s school you a bit.

Andy Madjitey explained that video directing is basically about coming up with a creative concept for an artiste’s song and collaborating to bring the concept to life!

For him, Nana Kofi Asihene is a creative guru who has inspired him a lot and been his personal mentor. He helped him get into the business and is the first Ghanaian director he has looked up to.

” I like the work of ( did not hear the name he mentioned). He’s relatively young and is someone I look up to.”

Video directing may look like an easy job but it’s not. In a growing industry like Ghana’s music industry, a video director’s problems are dependent on the musician’s challenge.

“If artistes are not paid, music directors are automatically not paid. The budget is linked and the funds are not enough so we have to work with what we have, and that might just generate something mediocre”

But, Andy’s personal and biggest challenge when it comes to the process of directing a music video is the time. ” The artiste usually wants to drop the video ASAP. We can be shooting on a Monday but the artiste would still want to drop the song on the Thursday so now, you have to work really really fast to produce the finished product before the release date”

There are people who feel comfortable working in the back. Behind the scenes and Andy Madjitey is one of them. He doesn’t mind that he’s just lowkey creating magic with artistes and making them take all the shine. He believes it’s in no way going to affect him getting more jobs because if anyone needs a director, they know where to look to find him.

“The people who need you find you. That’s a personal thing that I feel. Yes visibility is important, it’s necessary people see you and know that you are the one doing this but I think we get enough. I have worked with Nigerian artistes and it’s because they found me from Nigeria so yeah.”

But Andy Madjietey has hope for the industry. He believes the young people, the new crop of creatives coming up can salvage the industry only if the old in the game give them a chance and the right resources to make the magic Ghanaians are craving so much!!

“Someone might say the Nigerians are making better videos. Yes, it’s true but you look at it and you realize that they are putting in more resources. As the industry grows, the videos gets better, the artiste gets better, everything gets better.”

If you’d like to get in touch with Andy Madjitey, you should follow him on Twitter, @Kwamedracula.

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