#Emergers2019: Here’s A Look At The Origin Of Eddie Khae’s ‘Do The Dance’


We’ve all done the dance at some point. Even if you don’t dance, you’ve probably been intoxicated enough to join the wild crowd that gathers once the song starts playing.

Because it’s necessary to do an introduction, Do the Dance is a song that was released by Eddie Khae sometime in 2018.

When he came in to have that extremely fun interview for Emergers, we had to know: How did the idea to make a dance for Do the Dance come about?

Turns out the dance has been around for a while. Those who went to Tech will admit that they’ve known the dance for long. Eddie Khae explained that he made the song, a couple of guys heard it, loved it and did the dance to it….that’s how it all happened!

“The song was actually for another dance. The dance was already in tech and I did a song, people liked it and well the dance went wild”

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