#Emergers2019: Amaarae Takes Us Through Her Fave Hair Colors And Why She Experiments With All These Colors!


I’m a great singer.

It’s a fact.


But I know aside from my music, people love other things about me. I know I have a unique fashion sense cos… I see y’all staring at my hair all the time like…this girl kraa what’s up!


Well, I change my hair colour a lot and there really isn’t anything special about that. I do not have any mind-blowing significance attached to my change in hair colours. I just think it or see something and then… I like, so I do it!!

Sorry, no big story here lol but!

I have some faves out of all the crazy hair-dos I’ve had. I mean it’s hard to remember them all cos I’ve changed colours like 50 times but…I remember some of my all time faves!

My rainbow coloured hair. It had blue, red, some other colours and glitter on it. Loved it! I just saw it on IG and I thought ‘oh this should be fun’ so I showed it to my hair colourist and… I loved the result!

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Another favourite will be the one where I had cubes in my hair lol it was a bunch of different coloured cube shapes in my hair and oh for that one, I’d say the Rubiks cube inspired that one!

I think I love this current hair colour. The pink colour….you know, I was just coming in for the Emergers interview and I just wanted to look fresh you know.


Overall, I just feel my hair is badass, like it’s actually just badass to be able to just charle…do all this you know, and I just really want to be me and I’m gonna colour my hair whatever colour I want and I’m gonna do all the crazy styles and people are just gonna have to accept it!

Hate it, love it… I love it and that’s all that matters!

Well, Amaarae, we LOVE it too and we LOVE you.

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