UG: Reasons Why Students Must Visit The Career And Counselling Office


Almost all students share one goal upon completing their degree i.e. either to attain higher levels of education or to pursue careers.

Most colleges and universities have a career services office which in Legon we refer to it as career guidance and placement centre.

No matter how your institution terms it, the office provides a variety of services to help students and even alumni to meet that goal.

Here are reasons why you should visit the career office in your institution:

Firstly, for career decision making. The office through a counsellor will assist you in decision making regarding your careers whether you are a confused soul or you were forced to come to the university or whether you have no idea about what to do in life or what you are leaning towards a particular occupation. The counsellor will use self-assessment tools to examine your values, personality, interests and abilities and then based on the results, either suggest some possible options or help you figure out if the career you have in mind is suitable for you. The counsellor will subsequently help you decide what academic major will help you meet your goals.

Secondly, for career exploration. You can also go to the career services office to learn about various occupations which is something you will have to do when you are trying to decide which one to choose. The counsellor will point you toward resources that you can use to gather information that should include a job description, educational and other job requirements, earnings and job outlook. The office can link you to alumni who are willing to discuss their careers with you.

Thirdly, for resume writing /cover letter writing. The office helps students write their resume and cover letters. They often conduct workshops and provide one –on –one session during which they help students in the resume and cover letter writing.

Fourthly, for job interview preparation. Are you confused about what to do before going for a job interview? Just visit the career office in your institution and you will be provided with materials to learn in order to present yourself well in a job interview.

Lastly, for recruiting purposes, Career services offices help students by giving them internship alerts; hosting job fairs during which employers visit the campus to recruit students who are about to graduate.
Well, if you have not visited your career services yet, please do before it’s too late. “You wan chop big money”-run to the career services office in your institution for expert advice on your career. Do you know the special thing about the offices; its decorated with beautiful girls –imagine meeting a beautiful girl taking her time to let you understand everything you need to know about your career and sharing her personal experiences with you- feels great right. You might even get the chance to go out with any of them or get their number self.


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