Legon Campus Is About To Stand Still This Saturday And You Don”t Want To Miss Out When It Does


This Weekend, you’ve got nowhere else to be but one place.

Pent. Pent. Pent.

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Rexona’s putting a whole new meaning to movement in the #RexonaColourthon and we cannot emphasize enough why you need to be there when this happens!!!

Rexona Colourthon is a run…but not just any ordinary run. Seriously, forget all you know and have heard about marathons…forget the boring running from one point to the other and screaming or shii-ing jama. Forget the mashed kenkey you usually get served with after the run too…

Forget everything…

…and open your mind to a whole new experience!!

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We will be moving around campus, playing with colours and leaving a beautiful wake of the rainbow all over campus.

…but first, you have to register.

Yes, people, you have to register to be a part of this. It’s not really a tough process. Just fill in a form online so you get assigned a colour and become eligible for the official Colourthon starter pack to make your run extremely enjoyable.

You need to look sharp cos the Colourthon will be happening on the 2nd of March…This Saturday!

You’ve got the chance to be a part of something amazing and you want to slack??? Wow!!!

Register here: Rexona Colourthon

Now that you are done with that, you know what else makes this run extra dope?

A Day concert!!

Seriously….Y’all thought you will be involved in something this exciting and there won’t be proper jams?

We will be jamming hard with the iPhone DJ, DJ Neizer, MC Manuel and…

wait for it…


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You do not want to miss out on this or hear someone say “You should have been there”

So, register…yeah we know we said that already but yeahh register and own your colour now!!!

At 7 am sharp, we move!! (If you have registered, please!!)

We’d start from Pent Block A to Evandy and then run back just in time for the concert!!! If you’re somewhere in the Diaspora or on the main campus, don’t worry, there will be FREE shuttles at 6:45 am ready to take you to the start point at Pent so you don’t miss out!!

There will also be dope games like Bull riding and more for you to really kill yourself with enjoyment!

Should we say it again?


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