Kuulpeeps Event Review: Miss UEW Launch and Unveiling

Last Friday, Amu Theater at the Central Campus played host to hundreds of students who all came to support the NUGS and the SRC at the launch of the 3rd edition of Miss UEW beauty pageant.

At this event, the eight ladies set to battle it out for the chance for the coveted crown and cash were unveiled. We have their profiles in another write-up. But let’s review the event. The good, the bad and the awesome.

The Good

This year’s launch had so many highlights. We’d like to compliment the organizers for the start time. The event slated for 6 started as promised with most of the dignitaries and students seated, something we couldn’t achieve last year. Also, the general organization and address of unforeseen circumstances were addressed promptly by ushers. Invited guest who came late didn’t have to be stranded. They were sorted out. Security was another highlight. Although they were few, the security did a good job. We even had a friendly female security personnel: talk about empowerment! Hopefully, we’ll get more diverse security personnel at the finale. The event also didn’t drag and wasn’t boring.  The MCs and the DJ all did well to capture the audience’s attention all through, something most events on campus fail to do. The photobooth was also innovative.

The Bad

No event is perfect. Even the Oscars have lows. The launch had its fair share of lows. One aspect organizers need to work on is the sound. Although the sound was loud and okay…it almost made our ears bleed. It got very bad at a point we had to complain. Also, MCs, please work on your pronunciation and grammar, please!! The word is “SRC”, not “SawwwC”, the subject verb agreement too… Moving on, there was a point where about three different set of people came on stage to tell the audience why it was important to organize Miss UEW. The lighting too..even though it was okay, it got too colourful..like blinding-colourful.

The Awesome

We loved the part where the contestants came out in very decent evening gowns and sat on stage to get a piece of advice from the chairman of the event. Oh, the chairman was dope too. And the appreciation given to the incumbent and past queens too was amazing.  We’re building a legacy here! Did anyone see the contestants’ choreography? Oh, they topped it! We have it on our Instagram @kuulpeepsuew. The media coverage also went well.

In all, we give the event a 4/5. We’re expecting more from the organizers at the finale! Be your own competition!


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