#Emergers2019: Meet Flex! He’s Moved From Dancing At Family Gatherings To Dancing On Big Stages!


Flex is a professional dancer.

Yhup…he dances to make money.

He’s appeared in a number of music videos and well…if you don’t know his name, you’ve definitely seen him doing his thing in some video or an event.



For him, the dancing started when he was a little boy. Just like you’d expect any smart woman to do when his mum found out about his dance skills, she proceeded to take him to parties to perform and whenever there’s a family gathering he would be called to entertain the whole family. In as much as that sounds like a career, lol, he started dancing professionally when he started scoring gigs at shows, concerts, shooting music videos and giving dance lessons.

As a young dancer dancing at family gatherings, he wanted to be a medical doctor but passion drew him to dancing and he hasn’t looked back since.

“Back in High School (Accra High School) when I went on stage to perform and I felt so confident!! The way the whole school was cheering for me…it was magical!! Afterwards, we started going to schools to perform and I felt like, oh okay, I can actually make money out of this.”

Curious about whether or not his personality is different from Flex the dancer, we were not really surprised when he laughed and near shouted a big No.

“I’m just Flex like I’m always nice to people, I’m very nice and open but people think I’m that kind of guy that will brush people off. I’m not”

Naturally, we needed to know if his mum is still supportive of his career choice because well, a dancer is far from Medical doctor dreams. He admitted she isn’t really cool about it but “you know as Ghanaians, we like entertainment but we don’t want to be the ones entertaining. She is not really cool with it but she doesn’t have any option, because it’s my choice and I can’t be forced to do something else I don’t want to do. So she just has to support the idea.”


You can follow him on Instagram (@worldbestafrodancer)

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