Come And Play This 48 Hour Game From Nivea And Win Big!!

Oooouuu Kuulpeeps!!

Who remembers ‘pilolo’? Oh, you don’t?

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You too you’re a Dbee oo.

Anyways, it involved hiding a number of sticks depending on the number of people playing the game. The leader hides the sticks while the kids cover their eyes or face a wall (just so they don’t peek). When the sticks are hidden, the leader shouts “pilolo” and the kids run around trying to find the hidden sticks. If you find it first, you win some points.

This whole hide and seek vibe really made our childhood fun! Don’t you miss them childhood games?

Well, what if we told you that Nivea was bringing the “grown-up” version to you on campus?

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Yes, we are serious!

Nivea is bringing you the 48hour Treasure Hunt to you on UCC campus. How exciting is that?!

This time, you won’t be looking for sticks oo, but some exciting prizes charley!

Just buy any 2 Nivea products from the Nivea stand at Valco hall to be viable to join the treasure hunt!

You will then have to follow some clues in order to win and we here at Kuulpeeps will definitely help you out with some of them so keep your eyes glued on here!

The hunt starts tomorrow, Thursday the 28th of February at 12 noon to Saturday 12 noon.

Some of the prizes to be won are PS4, vouchers and a whooping 3000 cedis!! Just for the Treasure Hunt oo! Free money charley so look sharp!!

Don’t forget, just get to the Nivea stand in front of Valco Hall and get 2 products to be able to win 3000cedis!

You deserve a reward for always being on our site. Click the link for a surprise.

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