Lancaster: Here Is What To Do When Your Partner Tells You They Have An STD.


Okay, so yeah you’re with your partner and he or she reveals to you that they have an STD.

Yes, freak out it’s okay to lol. Everyone raises the subject differently.

So many emotions go through your mind such as shock, dismay, disappointment, anger, sadness, fear, disgust, disbelief, etc.

It is a big deal, and can be a shock to your soul but then get facts on what to do to stay safe with your partner.

Below is how:

Don’t freak out

Hearing this information can be very shocking at first. Those overwhelming feelings are completely valid. The more calmly and maturely you approach this situation, the better the outcome will be, trust me.


Ask your partner to check again.

Hmm, you just want to be sure oo as to what you’re hearing. Then you also can take the test as well just to be on the safer side, who knows whether you have also contracted the STDs. Gonorrhoea, for instance, has no symptoms, you may only know that you’ve cleared the infection by getting another lab test.



Don’t think oral sex is safe.

The fact that you love your partner doesn’t mean you should come and kill yourself your lips can easily carry the germs as well. Some STD’s like herpes and gonorrhoea can be passed on with oral sex. Your health and your livelihood are your own liability. The saying that “your body is your temple” shows how dear your physical health is. When you respect your mind, body, and spirit, you’d influence others to act accordingly.


At least wear condoms before you “set up”

But know that it might just not be enough.

Some women who use condoms still ended up with STDs. That’s probably related to the “emissions” that can happen when you’re fooling around before he puts on a condom.

Exposure to blood can also give you an STD, including HIV and Hepatitis B and C. The rules change depending on the STD.


Don’t let negative stereotypes affect your decisions

Easier said than done…. I know. What this means is, try to avoid confrontations with your partner or the other people that your partner was sexually involved with. Nothing can be solved by engaging in an ongoing confrontation with where he or she got it from.

Furthermore, a conflict will continue to hurt you and damage the relationship that you have with yourself and your partner.

And lastly,

You have the right to end or stay in the relationship

Very very necessary, no matter what the situation, you always have a right to end or stay in a relationship based on your own values and morality. You are not a bad person if you choose to end the relationship over a partner having an STD – as long as you communicate with your partner about it in a mature and respectful way then you’re good to go.





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  1. I read at the beginning of this article that it’s okay to freak out. Point of correction; it’s not okay. If you’re not adult enough to understand and keep your predetermined prejudice in check, you have no business being in a relationship


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