HTU: 11 Ways To Make Your Partner Feel Everyday Is Valentine’s Day

We are still in the month of love…… the Valentine people have made all the noise that they need to make.

Those of us that celebrate love on all days are here to teach some of you how to still spoil the love of your life and make them feel every day is 14th February.

Here are some 10 simple steps to achieve that


1. Take a trip.

Image result for road trip ghana

2. Eat breakfast in bed.

Image result for breakfast in bed

3. Enjoy a wine and chocolate tasting

Image result for wine and chocolate

4. Create something together.

5. Host a game night.

Image result for game night

6. Recreate your first date.

7. Unwind at a spa.

Image result for spa

8.Cook dinner together.

9. Have a romantic movie marathon.

10.Exchange heartfelt gifts.

11. Make heart-shaped food. (pizza, cupcakes, strawberry pie)


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