Any Of These Cars Is Likely To Show Up Whenever You Request For An Uber


With the Uber discounts most of us have been getting these days, we are always in an Uber. Anytime we have someplace to go…Uber!!!

We’ve taken Ubers so much so that now, we can almost predict the type of cars that will come pick us up.  It’s easy too cos it looks like all the Uber drivers get their cars from one place.

Take a look at this and tell us you haven’t sat in any of these cars at least twice!

Hyundai i10

Image result for hyundai i10

Daewoo Matiz

Image result for daewoo matiz


Image result for corolla

Kia Picanto

Image result for kia picanto

Kia Morning

Image result for kia morning

Hyundai Getz

Image result for hyundai getz

Toyota Vitz

Image result for toyota vitz

The nice thing about all of this is, no matter the car that comes to pick you up when the unfortunate happens, you are covered by the Old Mutual Life Assurance.

If you are on a trip and the unfortunate happens, there are various packages you will benefit from.

There is the Medical Cover. This cover reimburses both the driver and the rider for their necessary medical expenses to the tune of GHs12, 500. In addition, the ambulance service will be reimbursed.

In the unfortunate event where a driver or a rider dies as a result of an accident during a trip, their dependents/family will benefit from the Death and Funeral Payments which is a lump sum of GHs50,000 and they will also get an amount of GHs5,000 for funeral expenses.

The Permanent Disability Payments are paid out in the unfortunate event when a rider suffers permanent disability as a result of an accident during a trip. The rider will benefit from a lump sum payment of up to GHs50,000. The amount depends on the severity of the disability.

Lastly, if a driver is hospitalized for more than 48 hours as a result of an accident that happened during a trip and are unable to work because of the injuries, they will receive a daily payment of GHs50 for up to 30 days whilst they are medically certified by a doctor as unfit to work.

All you need to do is request an Uber, be on the trip and be eligible.


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