CU: Which Type Of Personality Trait Do You Possess?

Most of the times when people have certain personality traits we tend to blame their upbringing or the community in which they grew up.

However, people have personality traits which are specific to them and sort of explain their behaviours.

Psychologically, there are four types of personalities and these are

  • Sanguine

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People with this temperament tend to be lively, sociable, carefree, talkative, and pleasure-seeking. They may be warm-hearted and optimistic. They make friends easily, be imaginative and artistic, and often have many ideas. They can be flighty and changeable; thus sanguine personalities may struggle with following tasks all the way through and be chronically late or forgetful.

  • Phlegmatic

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People with this temperament may be inward and private, thoughtful, reasonable, calm, caring, and tolerant. They tend to have a rich inner life, seek a quiet, peaceful atmosphere, and be content with themselves. They tend to be consistent in their habits, and thus have steady and faithful friends.


  • Choleric

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People with this temperament tend to be extroverted. They may be excitable, impulsive, and restless, with reserves of aggression, energy, passion, and try to instil that in others. They tend to be task-oriented people and are focused on getting a job done efficiently; their motto is usually “do it now.” They can be ambitious, strong-willed and like to be in charge. They can show leadership, are good at planning, and are often practical and solution-or worked. They appreciate receiving esteem for their work

  • Melancholy

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People with this temperament may appear serious, introverted, cautious or even suspicious. They can become preoccupied with the tragedy and cruelty in the world and are susceptible to depression and moodiness. They may be focused and conscientious. They often prefer to do things themselves, both to meet their own standards and because they are not inherently sociable.



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