MUCG: Heartbreaks Are Pretty Much Inevitable But Here Is How To Overcome It As A Student

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Breakups cause pain and emotional trauma to some. Getting over it is sometimes very difficult since detaching yourself from someone you love and care for dearly is nearly impossible, especially if you have so many memories together and the person may probably know everything about you.

Moreover, life has to move on. If you are in this situation and want to move on, here are some tips you can use to get over your breakup;

  1. Do more studying:

The more you study the less you think of the person you’ve broken up with. This way you kill 2 birds with one stone. You gain more knowledge hence increasing your GPA and you think less of your ex. When you study and get good results, you become too happy to have sad thoughts.

  1. Remove All Painful Memory triggers:

When you break up with someone, things around you that remind you of them make you sadder. Why keep pictures of the person or even do things that you used to do together when it does you no good.

If you had favourite songs or even pictures together delete them as they’re of no use to you. If there are gifts, you either get rid of them or put them somewhere you won’t easily see them.

  1. Keep Your Distance:

No matter how close you were, keep your distance. I mean why will you consciously allow sadness into your life? Even if you two have agreed to be friends, there’s no need to be frequently texting or calling him or her especially if that person has a new partner.

This is where you have to understand that not everyone comes into your life to stay. If possible, block the person in any and every way possible. That way there will be room for better things that will enrich your life.

  1. Explore:

Being indoors and being sad or even crying will not change the fact that you’ve broken up. Go out get some fresh air. Try doing new things, make new friends.

By doing this you learn more about yourself. You can even find your hidden talents thereby improving yourself and also gain more knowledge at the same time.

  1. Don’t stalk your ex:

Religiously viewing every Instagram post, snap and WhatsApp status of your ex will just make you bitter and sad. I mean what do you want to see?

The person might have a new partner and or she will be happily flaunting them and you’ll be viewing and hating which of course is very normal at that point. If you stalk your ex you are never going to be over him or her fully. Just let go!

  1. Eat ice cream:

Ice cream is known to be a calm food. When you’re sad or moody ice cream can cheer you up but if you used to feed each other ice cream (you and your ex), then this tip is definitely not for you. Don’t try it!

Let go of your ex and the right person may come along. Yes, it is painful and difficult but some breakups tend to be a blessing in the long run. DON’T BE A PSYCHO- EX.

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